Cost: $1 per day or 55p (Uk) / $30 per month or 17sterling pounds

Access: On-demand

Details: Basic plans include a library of 30+ on-demand classes (with more uploaded every week) that can be accessed anytime and anywhere and repeated as often as you like.

Subscribers will pay no more than $360 over a 12 month period, averaging out at less than $1 per day.


Fees for the basic and elite plans are deducted from your nominated card once a month at a rate of $30AUD (basic) and $60AUD (elite). This equates to $360AUD or $720AUD for a full year’s access to the Jenna Brown Yoga, or less than $1 or $2 a day when averaged out over a 12 month period. So while we say it’s $1 or $2 a day in our marketing, you actually get a few days each year for free x