This is your place to create peace, harmony, and happiness through the practice and study of yoga; even if you have no prior experience.

Jenna Brown Yoga members and challenge participants find community, learn about the ancient art of yoga, and have access to a growing library of content that is suitable for every body (see what we did there!) – it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, haven’t practiced for a while, or have a well-developed practice of your own; there is something to be taken away from every class.



From a young age, I saw what happens when you don’t know how to cope with life’s struggles – from addiction and alcoholism to mental health issues. I was left with no role models or direction having lost my mum and grandma when I was young, but I wanted wisdom. I knew I had a choice – learn how to cope or fall victim to life’s struggles. So, I set out to learn.

I now harness my own life experience - over 1,000 hours of yoga teacher training and 5+ years of holistic health coaching and teaching experience - to teach others skills to help them cope better in their lives through relatable, down to earth, retreats and online yoga.

My teaching style is dedicated to keeping the traditional roots of yoga, while also accommodating the Western body and modern mind. With this in mind, I decided to get initiated into a lineage that allows me to stay connected so that deeper teachings flow through and guide my students, which makes for a more transformational and spiritual experience.

I look forward to connecting and sharing this path with you - Jivana

Jenna Brown